Monday, August 13, 2012

Not To Eat: Libby's of Lexington, SC

Location: Libby's of Lexington, SC
To Eat or Not to Eat: You would be better off going somewhere else

It is with such sad displeasure and disappointment that I write this review. On 03JUL2012, I raved and raved about Libby's in Lexington, SC. I was so proud of them for overcoming a bad moment a few days before that and for always being the place my family asks to go to eat. But when  a month ago, you overlook something as major as cheese being hand picked off of a burger after it's already been served and that same burger being served again after the cheese was hand picked off, it's really REALLY disturbing to experience the kind of visit I had this past Saturday (11AUG2012).

Saturday midday (not EVEN during lunch or dinner rush) around 2:30, my family and I (a group of 5) went into the restaurant with our taste buds absolutely salivating at the thought of an Asian steak wrap or pizza or steak and cheese sandwich. What we walked into was a very dirty restaurant, a manager eating pork with his hands right out of the tray it was cooked in out in the middle of the kitchen in plain sight, no air circulation in the dining areas, very SLOW moving staff that were also clumsy enough to drop more than one tray of food in the first 15 minutes we were there (probably because they couldn't stand upright on the greasy floor), and just an overall very disappointing look at the great Libby's that we had grown accustomed to. Orders not even prepped the way they were requested, one sandwich completely left off of the order and delivered 15 minutes after everyone else at the table had been served, and 2 trips to the kitchen myself to see what was going on.

After talking to Clint, (and some of you already know he plays a very important role in this restaurant's hierarchy), I was still very disappointed that the attitude of the day was not to fix the situation and try harder, but instead to make excuses for why the ship was running astray. I don't get it. I just don't get it. I'm so, sooo disappointed with Libby's right now. I almost take it personally that they could disappoint me sooo much. What a shame.

Long story shortened for you, I would give Libby's a while to clean up their act before even bothering to spend your money or your time. You'll only be frustrated with yourself for going right now.

No Bon Appetite here for a while..... :(


  1. Sad to see any good place go down like that. I am very surprised to have read that after your entry observances you actually stayed to eat! I think I would have been very hesitant to even consider ordering with the atmosphere you walked into....time to find a "new fav".

    1. What is sad is when she is not telling the whole story. If you are going to post hateful things you should tell everyone how rude you were to the staff at Libby's and the owner Clint who offered you free desserts and did his best to make you happy. The floor was wet because the server spilled drinks. Libby's is a great place to bad for you others like myself wi enjoy it!!:)

    2. To all Readers: Please note that Brandi LaCoe is wife and part owner of Libby's of Lexington. I would only expect her comments to be just a tad biased and for her to feel badgered by our blog and comments. But please also note that several other readers and patrons of Libby's have posted here with some feedback for Libby's, as well as leaving comments on Libby's facebook page (like I did, myself) to only have them deleted. Please also note that Libby's has been inspected by the SC Health Department and had to be REINSPECTED for a REGRADE. My words are not just opinions.... they're facts. They can be supported by public information found on the SC Health Department's website and even illustrated in pictures that the Libby's staff post on their own facebook page weekly.

      I spoke very highly of Libby's in my first review of them. I was very impressed with their food and their service. I really thought they were going to make a go of their business. My second blog was written due to disappointment and wishes that they would recover quickly because I really thought a lot of them. However, I must say, Libby's reactions to my posts and the posts made by other patrons only supports my thinking that they are ether inexperienced in restauraunt management and have just not figured out the business yet OR they just simply do not care about the opinions of their community members and patrons. Having made this statement, I will back off from any future blogs about them and give them the time and space to figure out what it truly means to be a restaurateur. I truly hope, for their sakes and the sakes of all our tastebuds, that they figure it out really soon. Let's just hope at least one of them learns to spell in the process, too (*refer to various errors in Mrs LaCoe's above comments*).

      Here's wishing you the best of luck, Libby's!!! I hope you take the words to heart. No one is personally attacking you. When you open up a business, you open yourself up for constructive criticism. It's what you do with that criticism that makes you a true professional (or not). I hope this time you choose not to respond with negativity. The publicity behind your words/actions can only get bigger from here.......

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  3. You are very mean and have to much time on you hands. Libby's rocks and so does Clint!!!